The Phoenix Literary Journal (Issue 62, p. 36) June 2021

When the son of an American official in 1950’s Occupied Japan helps himself to a bicycle belonging to a poor Japanese kid, trouble ensues. The father wants the boy to apologize & return the bike. The response from the Japanese parent (a rabid anti-American) is not at all what he anticipates; not at all.

Haunted Waters Press

April 2021 -Haunted Waters Press

Laurie Kittredge, a waitress in a New Mexico roadside restaurant, appears to have received an inheritance for a kindness rendered to a down-and-out traveler. But, after a series of misfortunes, it looks as if she has only one more fleeting opportunity to claim her reward.

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March 2021

My story, “Only the Cicadas Will Cry,” is now available in the Spring 2021 issue of Evening Street Review. Soon after WWII, a Japanese exchange student evokes mixed reactions in a small Wisconsin town. Like the child in a Japanese folk song, the girl experiences utter loneliness. Mono no aware - the pathos of things.



January 2021

Lawrence Farrar's latest story "A Good Player" (Haunted Waters Press): An out-of-worker drifter is on the road with his family. Along the way, he devises a method to use his little boy to con motorists in gas stations who think they've struck the child with their cars. It's risky business.


Upcoming Publications

“Only the Cicadas Will Cry” in Evening Street Review "Once a Hero” in Main Street Rag “A Pledge Redeemed” in Splash, Haunted Waters...